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Tom Venuto Creator of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a 341 page ebook system designed for those that want to burn fat,lose weight and at the same time build muscle.This program was created by Tom Venuto whom is probably the best known author of all the online diet programs.Tom has been the #1 best time seller on Amazon.com and New York Times on two occassions.Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle has also been a best seller for the past 7 years online.

This fat loss program focuses on burning body fat by skyrocketing your metabolism so you're always burning fat even when you're exercising.In this program Tom reveals fat burning secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models.Tom Venuto's fat burning system is so powerfull that it guarantees you will transform your body forever in 49 days flat.
If you're expecting some kind of weight losing pill,this program isn't for you as you are expected to put some efforts into the workouts and follow the personalized diet you get.The personalized diet you get with BFFM is based on your goals,body type,weight,height and many other factors.This is probably the reason why so many people do well on this program and why they get the results they wanted.
BFFM exercise program is a mix of cardiovascular workouts with a unique twist and blend of resistance training so you can maximize your lean muscle growth.This is the reason,as mentioned before,why you will burn fat even when you're not working out because the workouts provided here make the muscle an active tissue and you will be burning calories while resting.
  • BFFM will never leave you hungry because it doesn't restrict you to eating only protein,cutting out carbs nor will it damage your health(like how other "diets" do)
  • BFFM reveals the secret celebrities and and fitness models use to stay "Photo Ready" Fit
  • no weight loss surgery
  • this program doesn't require you to kill yourself in the gym
  • you will look better and feel better
  • It actually works!(Click here to see some testimonials)

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