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The Customized Fat loss plan is a diet and workout program made bye Kyle Leon, a certified nutrition specialist and fitness model.This program is customized differently for every single individual according to the kind of body he/she may have have so he/she  can get rid of body fat quickly and easily.

The difference between a normal weight loss program and the Customized Fat Loss is that this program was made just for you so you can get faster and better results not like the other normal programs.

The Customized Fat loss points out 6 kind of body types that you can identify yourself with and once you find out which body type you are,you can begin eating by following the nutrition plan customized just for you.Each body is different,some people may need more protein,other more carbs,fiber, etc.You need to eat what is right for you so you can get rid fast of the fat.

  • You can build your own meals and choose from your own food
  • You get the customized nutrition plan so you can burn fat faster and lose weight faster too
The workouts are effective and you'll see results
It's for both men and women of any age
  • The work out plan may be too hard for beginners
and besides that every other thing in the program is just perfect .So in my opinion, The Customized Fat loss plan is definitely the solution for those that are serious about transforming their bodies and getting the body they've always wanted.


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