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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a nutrition and fat loss program created by the nutrition and fitness expert Joel Marion.He has been recognized by Men's fitness magazines as one of America's Top 50 Personal Trainers.

With this program you will lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days.That's what the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet promises to do.You will also lose fat incredibly fast,gain calorie-burning lean muscle at the same time, and finish with a metabolism faster than what you first began,all in 25 days


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Many diet programs promise you to work and promise you fast results.Is this product another kind of those scam diets or does it really work?


This is how the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program works

Every fifth day you can eat anything you want so it's a 5 day cycle which you will repeat 5 times to complete the 25 days.


The following are the days of the 5 day cycle:

Cheat Day:Density Training Day  

The cheat day of the 5 cycle day is when you can eat anything you want like pizza,hamburgers,hot dogs,ice cream,donuts and anything you want.


But why do you do this?You do it to boost your leptin levels and get faster fat burning results.What is Leptin?Leptin is the hormone responsible for your metabolism and fat burning.If you have  a higher level of leptin you will burn fat much faster.


With other diets,you cut down your calories  and your leptin levels go down making it harder for you to burn more fat.So the Cheat Day is good for you so you can reset your leptin levels instead of letting them diminish drastically.The Cheat Day is also psychologically good for you  because it helps you "non diet" and it makes it easier to stick to the diet plan


Shake Day:Strengh Training Day

The Shake Day is all about getting your calories from special nutrition shakes.This helps you have a low calorie day and what's best is that you know from where are you getting all your calories from.On the Shake Day you do strength training maintain lean muscle and let your body recover from the more intensive workouts of cheat and fast days.


Fast Day:Lactic Acid Training Day


On the fast day, your leptin levels are soaring. This is the perfect time to create a massive calorie deficit and shed a lot of fat.

Because your leptin levels are high from your “cheating day”, your metabolism doesn’t slow down. Remember, Leptin takes a few days to really decrease.

You achieve this massive calorie reduction through a strategic one day fast. I say strategic because this is not a complete fast. You will be consuming calories, just a low amount of them.

In addition, you will also do lactic acid workouts that burn a ton more calories. The food you had on the cheating day gives you the energy to do these workouts so you can increase your calorie deficit and burn even more fat.


Moderate Carb: Dynyamic Training Day:


The Moderate Carb day of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet you eat a diet in which 40% of your calories come from carbs, 30% from fats, and 30% from protein.

This is a higher calorie day than days 2-3 but not as high as the Cheat Day. This eating pattern helps you to enjoy more food after the previous two days of lower calories and also gives you the energy you need to perform your Dynamic Training, a high metabolic workout that accelerates fat loss.

Protein-Only Depletion:Lactic Acid Training Day


The purpose of this day is to deplete the body of energy, “making room” for the Cheat Day which is coming on the next day (being the first day of the next 5 day cycle). Lactic acid training is done due to its intense fat burning effects.

The result of these different days and workout plans  is a rapid and massive fat loss.

Although the program itself is for 25 days in total (5 cycles), you can do it over every 8-12 weeks. In between, you need to do a more moderate workout plan which is something Joel Marion discusses in the program.


What's included in the 25-Day Extreme Fat Loss System:


  • The Diet Manual(This is the full-on “specs” manual of the diet that details every single day and detail of the 25 day program, including what to eat, when to eat it, detailed food lists, charts, tables, FAQs, and more.)
  • Training manual with all the workouts that make every day of the diet more effective
  • Workout Log sheet to record your workouts
  • Success Log to track your progress
  • Supplementation Guide
  • and other bonuses(see the bonuses right here)

In my opinion:

The Xtreme Fat loss Diet program is just perfect for those that want to burn fat fast and also lose weight fast.The workouts are pretty intense which will allow you to burn even more fat than with other diet/nutrition programs.


So if you're ready to lose belly fat,lose weight,getting toned,looking and feeling better,Click here to get the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program which guarantees to revolutionize your way of life.


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