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The Fat Loss For Idiots program is a diet program made for those who want to lose weight fast and burn fat fast.This diet program is based on the Calories Shifting Method.The Calorie Shifting Method, also knows as Calorie-cycling or Zig-zag diet, is one of the latest solutions to come along to help people lose weight.Did you know that about 95% of diets fail and this is because the dieter reduces calorie intake considerably.Reducing calorie intake considerably causes a slower metabolism which at first results in weight lost, but after the dieter goes back to his/her normal eating habits he/she will eventually gain all the weight they have lost.

Witth the Calories Shifting program, you will keep your metabolism high at all times,so your body is always burning fat and you will start getting rapid weight loss.

The Fat Loss For Idiots program includes a menu generator which produces a personal menu to each user.You type in the food you like to eat, and the menu generator takes it into account, so you end up eating much of the food you like, but it always shifts it around.

With the Fat Loss For Idiots Menu you will never starve because it consistes of 4 meals daily.This is the reason why so many people are able to stick to this diet and follow it.The 4 meals a day also makes it easier for people to maintain their new weight after they've lost the number of pounds (lbs.) they wanted.

That's the reason why this diet program works so well  and why it's so effective and different from other programs that actually make you starve and dramatically reduce your calorie intake.With this diet you won't have to deprive yourself from essential nutrients that your body needs nor will you damage your health.
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